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Nov. 4th, 2015 02:48 pm
theavonlady: (Default)
I don't decorate at all, but it seems that Halloween starts in July, Thanksgiving/Christmas begin in Sept. REDICULOUS!

the most expesive thing i bought my self.... a used car

NOjomo #2

Nov. 2nd, 2015 02:20 pm
theavonlady: (Default)
No jo mo#2

What do you believe is one of the most controversial subjects that is happening in the world today?

that we blame everything on what color/race you are.

ex: oh that white cop shot a black person uproar insues.

We have lost our common decency as human beings. Manners aren't taught anymore, Respect isn't taught any more. People aren't disciplining their children.
With all these things going on instead of living in 2015 i feel like sometimes we are back in 1968 instead. It feels like we are revisiting that era of equality fighting.
Life doesn't seem to be valued anymore either with all the school shooting/rampages. What is happening to society? We blame people violent on every little thing ex: Video games If i have to here one more Grand Theft Auto made me do it... I'll scream. YOU are responsible for your own choices. No one else you! We like to blame our circumstances/ society but we really can't. Its our personal choices that make us who we are. Everything seems to be my way or the high way and life is about compromise, not blindingly following one person. Or starting a war because someone believes differently than you.


Nov. 1st, 2015 12:14 pm
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What was your new year's resolution for 2015? Were you able to keep it or did you fail at it?

my goal was to repeat being in Avon's President's Club Selling level, and so far with being only $4,000 away in sales it is still possible to acheive in two campaigns! but realisticly i'm probably not going to reachieve unless by a miracle!

I failed at selling 100 Eduardo elephants so i could attend the Birthday bash in Las vegas. So i wont be able to do that.

BUt i Am growing in customers. and that is what counts!


Oct. 31st, 2015 07:21 am
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There isn't a community here for November Journaling ? Which is one entry every day for the month of november?
There is a community for Novelists. I'm not a novelist, but i am surprised there isn't a community for it!
theavonlady: (Default)
I haven't really found a community to write my thoughts in on a daily/weekly basis since Opendiary closed. I really loved that community. and it saw me through high school and college and the lot. I can't believe that NaNOJo Is starting Sunday! Where in the world has the year gone?

So here's some basics:
I'm 31 Female and in a long term relationship.

I Sell Avon: www.youravon.com/kimberlygroves Anyone in the Continental USA can order from my e-store
I'm currently only $4k away from reachieving sales goal but not sure that will happen in two campaigns.

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